Why it pays to always read the product manual

We all love a bit of flatpack furniture don’t we? There’s nothing better than heading off to Ikea to pick up a cool new piece of furniture for your home. Getting home, unpacking all the parts and putting it together? That’s fun right? Team building with your partner or flatmate? But how many people ignore the instructions? I know that I very often do! And this is why I’ve ended up failing so many times. Here is my post all about why it pays to always read the product manual.

Why it pays to always read the product manual

The amount of times that I’ve failed while putting up my cool new piece of furniture is crazy. I’m in the ‘lets just wing it’ camp when it comes to reading instructions. Whereas my partner is in the ‘let’s lay everything out on the floor first, then read the instructions once through before we even get started’ camp. Needless to say he’s always the one that gets me out of the mess that I end up making!

So many people completely ignore the technical documentation that comes along with their flatpack furniture. And I totally hold my hands up that’s myself included! This is actually crazy though. Just imagine getting half way through your flatpack project to find that something is missing or that you’ve made it completely wrong. I tend to get half way through and find that the piece I need next is actually the piece I started with *face palm*.

How you can save yourself and the company time, hassle and money

Obviously these illustrated manuals have been created to not only help us put together our flatpack furniture. But they also save the company and ourselves time, hassle and money by showing us what we need to do and eliminating silly little mistakes.

The amount of times I’ve got through to the final stages of a project only to find there aren’t quite enough pieces or screws to complete the job. This then means I waste my time ringing up the company to let them know. It also means I often have to take down what I’ve already made just to wait to the item to be sent out. Or the company asks me to send the entire package back so they can send out a full replacement.

If it’s just a case of a few missing screws then this is often easily rectified by a trip to the local hardware store (as long as you know the size you need). But this then costs you extra money and money for petrol as well. Not to mention the added time in going out to buy the screws.

The time and hassle that I could have previously saved by just taking note of the instructions is crazy. And it’s not like reading the instructions would actually make the project take any longer. In fact you’re more likely to get the job done quicker whilst using the instructions as you go.

This is a collaborative post.

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