How to book a UK break on a budget

Do you ever feel like you need to just get away from it all? Do you ever feel like just booking a little weekend break to get away from the everyday norm? Then you realise that actually you don’t have the money to even consider going anywhere. Well this is where a budget UK break comes in as your travel saviour. But don’t be mistaken, a budget break away in the UK doesn’t need to be boring or lacklustre. Here is how you can book a UK break on a budget.

How to book a UK break on a budget

Booking a UK break on a budget is a lot easier than you may think. There are so many websites out there these days that offer budget breaks and last minute deals. Try a website like and check out their deals pages.

You can also get a substantial amount of money by using a cahsback site such as Topcashback. When you combine these two awesome money saving tricks you could end up getting a massive discount on your UK break.

Who will you be travelling with?

Sometimes by travelling in numbers you can save money by reducing the cost per person. For instance it may be much cheaper per person to book a 4 bedroom cottage and go with 7 other people than it would be to book 1 hotel room. This isn’t always the case and you will need to choose people you know that you will be able to spend a few days with. You don’t want to end up arguing the entire time you’re away.

Alternatively if you have children you may want to invite another family along to share costs and keep the kids amused. This could save you money by reducing costs on keeping the kids amused. When they have some friends to play with they will be less bored and more likely to make the most of just sleeping in a different bed for a few nights.

Choose free activities

It’s not just the accommodation costs you need to consider but the costs of activities as well. This is much easier when you travel with others as you can make your own fun by taking some board games and going for walks and just exploring the local areas.

For more rural trips you could research local walking paths and take in the natural beauty of the place you’re staying at. Alternatively for city breaks away you might like to check out the free local museums and enjoy the interesting architecture of the city buildings.

I would love to hear your money saving tips on booking a UK break on a budget.

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