Getting married away from home

Traditionally weddings tend to take place in the brides home town or local area. But in recent years it has become more and more popular to get married further away from home. For whatever reason you may have, getting married away from home can be exciting and who doesn’t love to travel especially on the happiest day of their lives.

Why get married away from home?

If you’re a fan of tradition and your home comforts then getting married away from your local area isn’t likely to appeal to you too much. But for those of us who love to travel it can sound like the perfect wedding.

Just imagine incorporating travel into the best day of your life. Spending time with family and friends while discovering a whole new area. This doesn’t necessarily mean abroad either. There are some beautiful areas in the UK if you don’t fancy a plane ride to get to your destination.

Where to get married?

Choosing the place to say I do is something that only you can decide on. Would you like something traditionally British like this location on Bijou Weddings? Maybe a luxurious tropical retreat in the Bahamas? Or you might choose an Italian city wedding among the cobbled streets. The opportunities on the location really are endless!

How easy is it to plan a wedding away from home?

Planning a wedding in a location miles away from you can sound really difficult and confusing. But there are so many companies and package deals now that this just isn’t the case. Planning a wedding from afar has never been easier.

Depending on the type of outfits you would like to wear the only things you would really need to travel with are your dress, the bridesmaids dresses and the mens suits. Everything else can be bought locally or ordered in ahead of time. If you’re more of a casual dress couple and have no intention of a fancy dress and suits then you’ll have even less to think about. You might even have envisioned your wedding to include you, your partner and your guests all barefoot on the beach in beach wear.

Should we use a wedding planner or not?

If you thought that planning your own wedding without the help of a wedding planner would save you some money you might be mistaken. Of course you will have to pay a wedding planner to plan your wedding but they might have contacts that you don’t have. You wedding planner may be able to get you things at cost price and actually end up saving you money.

Considering using a wedding planner is definitely worth a thought or two. Even more so if you are not a naturally organised person yourself. If you struggle to organise a night out with friends then you should probably go ahead and just book a wedding planner. Having said that if you have any friends or family that you know love to plan parties it may be worth asking a massive favour of them.

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