Finding love while travelling

Most of us have heard the term ‘holiday romance’ but how can you tell if what you are feeling when you meet is true love? How do you know this person isn’t your soul mate and that you were meant to come together at the time you did? If you are an avid explorer then finding love while travelling could be something you’ve experienced yourself.

Is it true love or just a ‘holiday romance’?

When you get caught up in the whole world of new experiences while travelling it’s hard not to fall in love. You’re likely to fall in love with the scenery, the different cultures, the different cuisines. So falling in love with another person is very much likely if you’re a single traveler.

But how can you tell if it’s just a holiday romance or actual love? It can be hard to tell the difference when in this situation. And I don’t suppose anyone really knows the true answer. But I suppose it all depends on the person and following your intended path. Intuition plays a huge part in deciding if this is real love or just a fling.

What about after a break up?

If you’ve decided that the way to mend your broken heart is to travel then you most likely have recently experience a break up or loss of a loved one. If that is the case then it’s more than likely that by having a fling while travelling isn’t going to turn into true love. When you feel vulnerable you may be more open to loving as a way to squash the feelings of loneliness.

There is nothing wrong with having a fling for this reason however always bare in mind that this isn’t likely to go anywhere. And if it did then you may need to take a step back and reassess the situation.

Finding love while travelling over the age of 30

If you’re over the age of 30 and one of your intended purposes of travelling is to in fact find love and romance then you will love modern technology. With the help of new dating sites finding love while away from home has never been easier. Even if you’re looking for a younger man there are so many great cougar dating sites to use.

You could very quickly find yourself a nice younger gentleman to date while on your travels. Websites such as My Cougar Dates offer a chance to meet new men in whatever area you are travelling in.

To sum it up

Holiday romances can and do often turn into true love. I suppose the ultimate deciding factor is whether you’re open for love and willing to change for the other person. It could mean relocating or considering a long distance relationship. If the thought of changing what you already to know to suit this person isn’t worth it then I suppose you would have your answer.

It does sound like the perfect way to meet but realistically sometimes it’s best to leave your holiday romance as just that. Just a fling.

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